- End of shift :)

- End of shift :)

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And to think I nearly didn’t reblog this

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I’ve been trying to run away from this *false* reality no matter where I turn my back, Your always right in front of me and so I push You away but I don’t know that I’m wrong I don’t know the words to say to make my faith that strong. what is going through the motions if my life is still the same everyday’s the same old puzzle, all the pieces re-arranged and I refuse Your help, out of my own selfish pride. Lord I have so many *masks* to cover up and hide. COME HEAL AWAY MY BROKENNESS AND CHANGE THIS HEART AGAIN.
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You are the warmth that lights the night sky

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Eiffel Tower - edited by wclass


Eiffel Tower - edited by wclass

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Following God isn’t glamorous, but it is so beautiful. Your hands will get dirty and your heart will get wrecked, but love makes it worth it."
— Juli Wilson (via nonelikejesus)

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